Report PIL Code for European Parliament

Researchers of the Asser Institute, the Internationaal Juridisch Instituut and Erasmus School of Law have prepared a report on a Framework for European private international law: current gaps and future perspectives on request of the European Parliament. The report identifies the gaps that exist in the current European framework of private international law and suggests a road map towards a more comprehensive codification of EU private international law. Michiel de Rooij (Asser Institute, editor NIPR) acted as project leader and Xandra Kramer (Erasmus School of Law, editor-in-chief NIPR)  as scientific director. The report was co-authored by Lisette Frohn (editor NIPR), Richard Blauwhoff and Vesna Lasic and prepared in collaboration with a group of experts from six other Member States (Paul Beaumont, United Kingdom; Agnieszka Frackowiak-Adamska, Poland; Franciso Garcimartin, Spain; Jan von Hein, Germany; Miklos Kiraly, Hungary; Ulla Liukkunen, Finland).