The revision of the Brussels IIbis Regulation (special issue)

The first issue of Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht of 2015 is dedicated to the upcoming revision of the Brussels IIbis Regulation. Renowned scholars reflect on several topical issues that are likely to be addressed in the revision. Alegría Borrás focuses on grounds of jurisdiction in matrimonial matters. Ted de Boer addresses more in general the question of what we should not expect from the recast. He notes that the questionnaire for the public consultation did not leave much room to criticize the point of departure of the jurisdiction rules on parental responsibility, and he comments on Article 8 and 12 in particular. A contribution on provisional measures under Brussels IIbis is authored by Marco Mellone. Janys M. Scott addresses the effectiveness of enforcement in view of the possible full abolition of exequatur for parental responsibility matters. A contribution of Francisco Javier Forcada Miranda focuses on the revision with respect to the cross-border placement of children. The issue is introduced by an editorial of Ian Curry-Sumner.